Event Guide 2016

Event Guide 2016

Top Highlights for 2016:

  • Learn how to effectively prepare applications for licence with the regulatory bodies
  • Understand the difference in the requirements imposed by FDA and
  • MHRA to evaluate your strategies for future product development and expansion
  • Deliver smart marketing campaigns by analysing examples from other
  • industries that are also heavily regulated
  • Dissect customer behaviour psychology to develop stronger relationships with your consumers and win brand advocates
  • Explore the process behind litigations and other legal engagements to see whether you are prepared to fight the good fight
  • Network with the likeminded industry peers and learn about
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Product Innovation In Today’s EU Marketplace

Product Innovation In Today’s EU Marketplace

In this infographic, eCig Europe discusses the various product innovation strategies and emerging trends in the new EU marketplace. 
The Compliance Tidalwave

The Compliance Tidalwave

In response the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), eCig Europe has consulted with a range of industry experts on the potential landscape for the EU market in 2016. Also, in regards to the varying levels of company resilience, insight was gained on the likely behaviors of firms that populate each end of the spectrum.

NOTE: This article and its contents are intended for educational and discussion purposes and should not be taken as professional advice.