12 - 13 October, 2016 | Hilton London Olympia , London, United Kingdom

Karen House

Specialist Advisor for Smokefree Homes
Leicester City Stop Smoking Service
Karen has been a Specialist Stop Smoking Adviser with the Leicester City Stop Smoking service since 2011 and has developed and run the successful ‘Step Right Out’ smokefree homes initiative, working with a wide range of local partners in the statutory and voluntary sector, to promote awareness and commitment to smokefree living environments.

She has been an active member of the team in supporting the innovative work in promoting the use of e-cigs as an additional tool to help smokers to quit smoking. She has presented at a number of events nationally to share what the service has learned in developing this forward thinking programme of work.

Karen’s background is in teaching where she developed an interest in Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), particularly around drug alcohol and tobacco education. She then moved into Health Promotion as a Health Promotion Specialist for Substance Misuse and then later became a Senior Advisor with the Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme.  

She has a BA Honours Degree, Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health

14:40 Stop Smoking Service on quitting smoking: Examining how this is being promoted and the relationship between e-vapour products and existing alternatives to cigarettes

  • Looking at how a Local Authority Stop Smoking Service made the journey to becoming ’E-cig friendly’
  • Identifying a problem with falling client numbers
  • Listening to vapers and breaking down barriers
  • Adapting the service to embrace e-cigarettes and work constructively with retailers
  • Using E-cigs alongside traditional licensed products
  • Continually learning and adapting the service

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