12 - 13 October, 2016 | Hilton London Olympia , London, United Kingdom

Ray Story

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
I have managed and built several E-cigarette brands. I have been a leader and educator in this industry across the Globe. I would like to place the E-cigarette in every location worldwide, where conventional cigarettes are sold, as a less harmful alternative. I successfully defeated the FDA's attempt to ban the importation of this product and their attempt to ban the sale of this product in the US. We successfully duplicated this process in the Netherlands against the Ministry of Heath. We have successfully made the e cigarette category legal in all 28 EU countries.

Specialties: The ability to provide direction and answers in this new industry and to attract strategic alliances globally that can assist us with this process.

11:20 Creating a Masterfile of all the data needed to apply for licence: How realistic is the concept of standardisation?

  • How far are we from this? What areas would we standardise?
  • What can we do if we bring our strengths together?
  • Harmonising standards between Europe and overseas to ease trade between different countries
  • Creating a master file – is that possible? What are the plans?
  • Creating a database of studies already done in the space, so people don’t need to do studies again
  • Testing methodology and properties that are common and that can be used to apply for PMTA.What should these look like for everyone?
  • Standards for toxicity – how to access toxicity?

13:40 Fighting the Good Fight: Getting consumers to see the truth and getting a good word out there

  • Can we change the rules if we get together?
  • Filing Litigations: The process and the outcome
  • Examining potential risk and costs associate with filing litigations against regulatory bodies

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